TOP 10 Best Vandal Skins in VALORANT:2023




Date Released: June 2, 2020 Price: 1775 VP

The honor of the best Vandal skin in Valorant goes to the Prime Vandal. It’s no surprise to see the Prime Vandal take the top spot. It’s a beloved skin by the Valorant community because of its elegant and stylish look with a futuristic theme. It is also the first Vandal skin that was released when Valorant was officially launched.



Date Released: July 7, 2020 Price: 2475 VP

Next up, we have one of the first Ultra tier weapon skins in Valorant. The Elderflame Vandal takes the shape of a live fire-breathing dragon. It’s one of the most insanely detailed skins in the game because almost everything about it, from the scales, the teeth, claws, eyes, and fire, seem real.23


Champions 2021 Vandal

Date Released: November 16, 2021 Price: 2675 VP

Next up, we have an exclusive Vandal skin that can only be bought during the VCT Champions 2021 tournament. The Champions 2021 Vandal commemorates that event and brings with it a sleek black and gold colorway with silver and red accents. It truly represents a champion because of its elegant look.



Date Released: January 10, 2023 Price: 2175 VP

The Araxys Vandal is one of the newest entries on our list. It features a design inspired by an advanced alien race well beyond the capabilities of our world. The weapon is covered in fragments of a shell-like armor that moves as you use the weapon. The base color is bronze with light blue accents.

Sentinels of Light

Date Released: July 20, 2021 Price: 2175 VP


The Sentinels of Light Vandal is perfect for League of Legends fans because it was part of a crossover story event. It was released right after the Ruination bundle, which featured another fantastic Phantom skin that was part 1 of the LoL story event.



Date Released: October 27, 2020 Price: 1775 VP

Next up, we have another crowd-favorite skin that most Valorant players have been clamoring for ever since it was released in the beta. The Reaver Vandal is a dark-looking skin with a purple hue and silver base color. It’s a safe choice that almost everyone agrees is a great skin.



Date Released: June 8, 2021 Price: 1775 VP

The Origin Vandal combines aspects of both tech and mystic arts to form a unique weapon skin. The base color is in a black and gold colorway with accents of runes and markings all over. It has a subtle pull-out where parts of the weapon detach and levitate. However, you can see the full effect during the inspect animation, where the weapon and some parts levitate in mid-air.




Date Released: April 27, 2021 Price: 1775 VP

The Forsaken Vandal is another no-brainer addition to our list of the best Vandal skin in Valorant. It’s one of the only skin lines in the game that doubles as two different skins. The base Forsaken has a dark theme with green and silver colors. While it’s variant is gold and white and is basically the Sovereign skin with cracks.

Gaia’s Vengeance


Date Released: March 1, 2022 Price: 1775 VP

You’re definitely going to love the Gaia’s Vengeance Vandal if you’re a plant lover. It has this greyish color with red accents. The entire weapon is made out of tree branches entangled together. Although the pull-out, reload, and inspect aren’t too fancy, they still include new SFX, and the gems glow as you use the weapon.


Prelude to Chaos

Date Released: June 22, 2022 Price: 2175 VP

The final entry on our list belongs to the Prelude to Chaos Vandal. The overall aesthetic of the weapon feels very similar to games like Doom or Quake. It has a dark purple and black hue with gold accents. Electric surges also flow throughout the weapon with a circular core in the middle.