Highest Rated Valorant Player : 2023

By: Technicalbabaji.net


FNC Derke

FNC Derke

FNC Derke has a higher ACS and K/D/A ratio compared to the other players on our list. Although this is to be expected because he mainly plays Duelists like Jett and Raze.


C9 yay

While yay hasn’t exactly had the best 2023 start with Cloud9 gaming, there’s no denying that he’s still great at what he does. He mainly plays agents like Jett, Chamber, and, more recently, Sage.



TenZ still has insane individual skills and a great feel for the game. It’s probably a result of his countless hours of aim training. He has transitioned from a full Duelist role to a sort of flex, playing agents like KAY/O, Sage, and Jett.


LOUD aspas

LOUD aspas usually plays agents like Raze or Jett with the occasional Chamber whenever the team chooses to run a no-duelist lineup. LOUD aspas consistently performs for his team, and he can only improve from here.

KC ScreaM

He used to showcase his crazy flicks and one-taps on Duelists. However, he has transitioned into more of an Initiator role with Karmine Corps, playing agents like KAY/O and Skye. That still doesn’t take away from his insane in-game skills.


PRX Jinggg


PRX Jinggg mainly plays Raze or Reyna, with occasional Sage flex pick in recent games. He’s definitely one of the best players in his region and will continue to be a menace to any team that faces him both in local and international tournaments.


100T Asuna

He can play any role in Valorant and excel at it. He’s just that good. 100T Asuna used to be the primary Duelist but has transitioned into a flex role with agents like KAY/O, Sage, and Breach. He still delivers when his team needs him most, regardless of the agent he’s using.


LOUD saadhak

He typically plays whatever the team needs, from Sentinels like Killjoy and Cypher to Duelists like Raze. Being the IGL is already a tough job; add being a flex pick, and you’ve made your job more difficult. Somehow, saadhak makes it work, which is why he’s 8th on our list of the best Valorant players.

FNC Boaster


He leads his team while using Controller agents like Omen, Astra, Viper, and Brimstone. Boaster comes up with creative plays that entertain the viewers. He’s also one of the more likable characters in the pro Valorant scene.



NAVI Shao has been starting 2023 hot, with numerous agents getting consistent kills while doing his role flawlessly. He plays anything from Sage, Fade, Astra, and Omen. Shao is the type of player you can depend on, no matter what you need from him.

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